To: The University of Vermont Community
From: The Student Labor Action Project

Early this morning a collective of concerned students attempted to enter the president’s wing to further discuss the policy proposal presented last week. The students were denied access by President Daniel Mark Fogel’s Chief of Staff Gary Derr. Prior to this, a meeting set up on Friday April 7th, was cancelled by the administration. The University has continued to stall negotiations on the issues of workers rights including livable wages, freedom to organize, and responsible contractor agreements. These are issues of basic social justice and human rights that need to be taken seriously by the administration. The health of our environment begins with the health of our community. There are workers on the UVM campus that still, after many years of working here, continue to not earn enough to support themselves or their families. The students call on the administration to adhere to the UVM Common Ground and challenge injustice that continues on this campus. The students have not received any positive signs on their attempts to negotiate. They will continue in their efforts to discuss these important matters. Join the students for a rally on Tuesday, April 11 at noon on the green.


Welcome to the weblog of the Student Labor Action Project, a campaign of Students for Peace & Global Justice, at the University of Vermont! Here you will find up to date goings on of SLAP, your local worker-student solidarity collective!
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