Press Release on the Forceful Breakup of Tent City

For more than two years, the Student Labor Action Project (SLAP) has been taking up the task of achieving a livable wage for all UVM employees and contracted employees, the right to organize, and Responsible Contractor policies. Several accounts from UVM employees about poverty wages and the general lack of respect for labor rights on campus saddened students but also inspired them to take action. Since Tuesday, students had been camping out in a symbolic act of commitment to end the injustices at the university. On the afternoon of Friday, April 14th, these students held a peaceful protest to culminate their presence in the space, which drew upwards of three-hundred community members. At approximately 8:30 that evening, ten UVM police cruisers arrived at the Tent City on the UVM Green with the intention of removing all remaining students from the space. Eight students, coined “the Tent City Eight,” who were in the process of peacefully removing themselves, were issued trespassing notices stipulating that they may not set foot on the Main Green for six months. All the students vacated the space promptly and were later allowed to return to pack up remaining supplies and tents and to help cleaning crews. The Green was completely vacated and left in perfect condition after students left.


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April 2006
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