Statement read at the February Board of Trustees Meeting

February 9th, 2007

Ladies and Gentleman of the Board of Trustees. We are here to once again demand that UVM pay a real livable wage now. We are workers and students committed to justice and to making UVM as great as it can be. With the completion of our 250 million dollar campaign, we know UVM has the money. The Basic Needs Task Force said that UVM should pay a livable wage. The students say that UVM should pay a livable wage, and of course, the workers say that UVM should pay a livable wage. The people with the power to make this most necessary of changes are in this room today.

A livable wage is about basic needs. To pay anything other than a livable wage is to ignore the everyday needs of the workers of this University. Without the workers, there wouldn’t be electricity to run that projector, there wouldn’t be heat, the tables wouldn’t be set up, and the floor wouldn’t be vacuumed. Workers are as much a part of this University as the faculty and the students, and they deserve respect. A worker is a worker whether they are hired by the University or contracted out. We cannot differentiate between the two, they all have needs, and families and the right to a livable wage.

We have heard the rhetoric and read the reports. It is time for UVM to take a stand and join the rising number of schools that have implemented livable wages. We are students, we are taught to question the world around us and we demand that action be taken. We will not continue to sit by while year after year goes by and the workers continue to suffer. At Tent City last year, the UVM community came together and showed their support and solidarity. Now is the time for UVM to make history and rise to the top. UVM needs a livable wage NOW!


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Welcome to the weblog of the Student Labor Action Project, a campaign of Students for Peace & Global Justice, at the University of Vermont! Here you will find up to date goings on of SLAP, your local worker-student solidarity collective!
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