Basic Needs Breakfast! plus meeting…

We all woke up to sun this morning, and remembering the plans from our meeting last night at 9, we knew we were heading to Waterman for breakfast outside the President’s wing. (Do we have info on our meeting? we can post that in a bit.) Sooo, Sam doing the early morning (5) watch (because we have shifts to keep ourselves safe through the night), decided that he would make OATMEAL. He made some at 7:30 and then hauled it to Waterman, were a group of about ten of us sat down in a circle in front of the famous glass doors. Per usual, Administrator nerves came into play and they assured us we couldn’t come into the wing. Reminiscent of months ago, they locked us out–but an even more appropriate statement is they locked themselves IN, away from the school and our community. We were told VP Gustafson would speak with us, so we waited. Out came Gary Derr and said they would meet us in memorial lounge. We went with oatmeal and arranged table and chairs, and in came Derr, Gustafson, and Rosalee (i forget last names easily) who has been discussing with us the grounds maintainence and safety. Sam opened discussion with our demands after Derr coyly asked us what was up (as if we had nothing to say in reply). He included that we didn’t believe President Fogel’s response to the administration was acceptable and it was important we opened the discussion up again. Derr was the only one to sit at the end of the table, and he assured us again and again he would take these things back to the President. Fogel is out until “late friday night”. Isaac mentioned the benefits issue and had many awesome comments on the importance of a livable wage and how UVM would be setting an example they already claim to uphold. I reminded Derr after his comment that our campaign has been long and seemed to say something along the lines of it being uneccessary to continue and that the issue was over, that many people were not happy with the response and that many still want to continue. Max added the faculty senate, the grad senate, SGA have all signed in support of our actions in the past. Last night SGA passed two emergency resolutions in support of both tent city (10 sponsors!!) and free speech. Ahh have to go, but they said that we would take it day by day and they want a mission of our goals (haha, like they don’t know) and that perhaps we would all sit down next week. Sure as heck got no promises. More to come, love KAT


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  1. 1 Rep. Rachel Weston April 11, 2007 at 6:35 pm

    Here is a letter we sent along to the UVM administration in support of the tent city being able to remain for at least one week. -Rachel

    Tuesday, April 10, 2007

    Dear President Fogel, Provost Hughes, Patrick Brown, and Tom Gustafson,

    We are writing today in regards to extending the permit of the students who have erected a tent city in the center of the University of Vermont Campus to raise awareness about livable wages at UVM. These students have learned the values of justice, responsibility, integrity, and respect from the University’s “Our Common Ground” statement and applied them to real life. It is this praxis, the connection between the theory and the practice of these values, which the students embody while living up to the aspirations of “Our Common Ground.”
    • Respect: We are strengthened by our diverse perspectives.
    • Integrity: As stewards of the University of Vermont, we are honest and ethical in all responsibilities entrusted to us.
    • Innovation: We are forward-looking and break new ground in addressing important community and societal needs.
    • Openness: We encourage the open exchange of information and ideas from all quarters of the community.
    • Justice: As a just community, we unite against all forms of injustice.
    • Responsibility: We stand together to uphold our common ground.
    These students are receiving a top-notch education from UVM that has teaches them to be critical thinkers who are engaged in their community. They have learned the responsibility to promote openness and justice. They are students that the community is proud of. UVM Admissions tours even mention last year’s tent city as a way to attract new students. An engaged campus is a place that young intellects thrive. The students in the tent city have stood together to uphold our common ground values by exercising their First Amendment rights. We should allow our young people to continue to practice the values that we teach them to venerate. We urge you, as the University Administration, to uphold their First Amendment rights by extending their permit to remain camped in the center of campus by at least one week.


    Rep. Rachel Weston
    Rep. Jason P. Lorber
    Sen. Ed Flanagan
    Rep. Mark Larson
    Rep. David Zuckerman
    Rep. Chris Pearson

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