SLAP to go on hunger strike for livable wages

Today representatives of SLAP, numbering 17, met with President Fogel and Vice President for Campus & Student Life Thomas Gustafson. SLAP presented the same demands that we have had throughout our campaign, and President Fogel responded with excuses and unjustifiable statements of purported commitment. Claims were made about labor law and the “respect the process” attitude towards collective bargaining by Fogel. He seems to miss the point. This is our school and we will NOT wait three years for the next contract negotiation. And more importantly the workers will not wait three more years. Poverty has a face and it is rearing its ugly head at the University of Vermont. That this injustice is allowed to continue is deplorable.

Today’s meeting ended with a heartfelt statement by Kat, who made it clear that we are not giving up. We handed over our press release, held hands, and sat in silence. President Fogel looked shocked, then left the room.

Beginning monday members of SLAP are going on hunger strike until UVM implements a REAL livable wage policy. The entire community is united. No more excuses, no more delays, no more pretty words. No compromise in the defense of workers rights.

We will not be silent,

The Student Labor Action Project

Statement on WHY WE STRIKE


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Welcome to the weblog of the Student Labor Action Project, a campaign of Students for Peace & Global Justice, at the University of Vermont! Here you will find up to date goings on of SLAP, your local worker-student solidarity collective!
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