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My letter in response to the new Parameters of Compensation

Dear President Fogel,

As a student, and an active member of the UVM community, who more than values the hard work of this university’s workforce, I am happy to see that there is a new policy expressing support for paying enough to meet the basic needs of our workers. This is an important step towards the goal of providing a real livable wage to all UVM workers. The Student Labor Action Project has asked for you to recognize the importance of meeting basic needs, and this policy is a welcome step.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time that you and your administration have said this. You told the Basic Needs Task Force on November 30, 2006 that “there are many different methods of calculating a livable wage,” and that you believed that $10.60 an hour was enough, despite the Task Force’s finding that it was not. Unfortunately, you continue to tout that the new wage floor is higher than other colleges, even though it still does not meet the basic needs of the workers. There is also an entire demographic of UVM workers that have not even been mentioned; those are the contracted workers, specifically those working for University Dining Services and Sodexho. They cannot be ignored any longer.

The fact remains: all workers on this campus deserve to earn at least enough to meet their basic needs. $10.60 an hour is far below both last years Task Force figure of $12.28, and this year’s JFO figure of $13.62. The workers make this campus run. UVM is not poor, now with our $250+ million endowment. You announced last week that we exceeded our goal in the Campaign for UVM. Here’s an idea: take the surplus money and put it towards paying a real livable wage, then have the Development Office continue fundraising the less than $1 million that the Task Force found it would cost to pay all directly-employed workers a livable wage. The resources are there, all thats missing is your directive. The time has come for real action.

UVM needs a livable wage. You have the power to make it happen.

Sam Maron

Student Labor Action Project



Thank you everyone that came out to the rally today! I think it was a great success! A lot of good speeches, solid presence, and we definitely got our message across to Fogel.

Training with Doyle from smartmeme! Saturday 12-4 in Lafayette 210.

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